Audio Production and Post Production

Audio Production and Post Production

We offer following turn-key solutions for Audio industry by creating facilities & arranging right resources for our clients.

Audio for cinema:

SYNC Sound: Using dialogues recorded at the time of shoot adds an appropriate ambience to it and they sound natural in the film. This is the reason Sync sound set-ups are introduced in the country by Cineom, with their friends like Nakul Kamte the ace sound engineer for the film Lagan. This solution by Cineom became very popular & in the next few years 100s of such set-ups were sold in the Bollywood film Industry.

Dubbing Studio: Audio Voice over for Film as well as for TV industry. This has been the standard procedure to record dialogues for Film, where the artist using acoustically treated room records dialogues, watching the image on the screen. Even though the film is sync sound, not all the dialogues can be used as it is, as they are recorded at the time of shoot for various reasons & hence dubbing or voice over studios are a must in the Audio for film chain.

Foley Studios: Sound Effects such as footsteps sound on different surfaces, opening/closing door, Tap water, and many such effects required in the cinema as per the situation are created in the Foley studios.

Music Recording Studios: Both the above facilities Dubbing & Foley can be a smaller facility because not many people at a time use live area for recording, however Music Recording studios has a large sized Live area & proportionately large control room. Film songs and background music as per the situation in cinema are created in these studios. In India, cinema songs are sold at a substantial price tag & hence these studios have value.

Track laying facility: All the audio tracks which are recorded at different studios above are brought to this room to treat them for quality parameters & then laid along with image content of cinema.

Film Mixing facility: This is the final stage of Audio for cinema. This room is of theatre size where the mix engineer decides how the sound of his cinema in 5.1 or 7.1 or Dolby Atmos or Auro 3d formats would be heard. This is the most important facility in the whole chain & hence this facility is mentioned in the cinema credits distinctly.
Cineom has in-depth knowledge in this domain and along with their partners Recording architecture, UK, Mr. Roger D’arcy, created many such facilities for the Indian Film Industry. Yash Raj Studios, A.R. Rahman studios, Spectral Harmony, T-Series, Future Works, Sound City, Studio one, Prime Focus, Prakash Jha’s Dhwani are just a few to mention.

FM Radios: Any FM radio comprises of RJ room, Discussion room & Editing facility. All these are acoustically treated and equipped with studio broadcast equipment. 23 such facilities for Radio Mirchi, a Times of India group FM radio, have been comissioned by Cineom in the 2nd Phase.

Sound for TV producers: Normally TV serials, reality shows & dramas use the sound recorded at the time of shoot….something similar to sync sound but using comparatively cheaper resources. Cineom provide technical solution by integrating sound set-up for TV industry.

Sound studios for TV channels: Proper 5.1 studios for recording & mixing are created for TV channels to record and mix their own programs, or promos. Like for cinema, Cineom use their expertise here too in building professional set-ups for TV channels.

Jingle studios: These studios are similar to Music recording studios for film but on a smaller scale. Ad commercial professionals use these facilities for recording voice overs, music or songs.
In Mumbai alone, Cineom have created over 50 such audio facilities which are catering to the needs of the entire industry. Some of the references created outside India are, Al-Rayyan Music facilities, Royal Opera House AV integration, Darsh Pandit facility in Tanzania, Music mix facility in Kiev Ukraine.

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