ARRI India – Testimonials

"When alexa was first launched, we got the opportunity to test the camera in ‘our (indian) conditions’. the recoding format was 4:4:4 Pro Res. We recorded out a Film Print. It was when I saw those images I realized that Digital Cinematography has arrived. The Log C image was the closest thing to film negative. It still is!!"

Anil Mehta

"I always like to operate the camera myself, so the quality of the viewfinder is important to me and I'm impressed with the ALEX's EVF viewfinder."

Keiko Nakahara

“Out of all the digital cameras available, I prefer Alexa since it gives me complete freedom in terms of the visual spectrum one wants to experiment with, with the arrival of XT it has only become better. I was a happy person with Pro res itself, but the ability to record full raw has given me more ground to play with."

Manush Nandan

"Arri is a friend. Arri cameras have been helping me tell stories from the beginning of my career. The Alexas made my transition from the film to digital world seamless with their intuitive design and workflow."

"I rely on Arri for to help me deliver the best quality images each and every time"

Preetha Jayaraman

"The emerging digital aesthetic cannot be separated from the success of the Alexa camera system in becoming the primary camera in the world of filmmaking.

If Alexas did not have this incredible latitude and low light capability, the look of modern films would be very different."

Priya Seth

"The Indian film industry has been in love with 35mm for a long time,now we are in love with Alexa."

"This camera perfectly captures the color and vitality of Indian cinema,with images as rich and organic as FILM "

Ravi K Chandran

"Shooting on Alexa is closest to film!"

Santhosh Sivan ASC ISC

"I like to shoot a feature in Alexa - because i don't miss film when i shoot with ARRI Alexa,Which gives brilliant whites, rich blacks and superb texture, just love it."

"Ease of operation and set up speed gives you more time to concentrate on what you are supposed to !Unlike many other cameras "

Santhosh thundiyil

"From burning white sun-skies to the deep, dark shadows caused by harsh tropical top light, the Alexa ARRIRAW dynamic range captures information to create organic images with true color and smooth tonal rendition."


"With advent of digital technology and availability of different formats of camera system and choices ,I feel the ARRI Raw of the Alexa camera system has a great latitude and one of the best camera for our extreme conditions.Its handling of shadows and highlights as well as skin stone is remarkable."

Tapan Basu

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