Camera Stabilizer Systems


The mechanical stabilizer, or in other words the classic Steadicam products, incl. the Rig, the Vest and the Spring Arm.

Artemis EFP HD :

The Artemis EFP HD is made to support today’s HD broadcast cameras in live TV in the most professional way. High-capacity wiring, hot swap, HD SDI Video and Tally support guarantee a perfect work-flow in a future-proof and modular design. The EFP HD is available in a 1.5″ post diameter and a 1.8″ post diameter version to suit all requirements and budgets. Later upgrades are possible.

Artemis Cine Broadcast :

The perfect cross-over solution for high-end digital cinematography and broadcast productions. The modular and future-proof design of Cine Broadcast combines all features needed for both worlds and compare to the EFP HD.

Artemis Spring Arms :

The artemis spring arm offers an extremely rigid and torsion-free design. The perfect bearing of the axes guarantees an extremely quick response of the arm and smooth insulation of the operator’s movement. The lightweight artemis spring arm offers the best payload to weight ratio on the market. Exchangeable spring sets cover a payload from 10 Kg to 26 Kg / 22 lb to 57.3 lb. The low weight and agility of the artemis spring arm can be improved further by using carbon fiber segments or so called “bones”. The aluminum version can also be upgraded later with the carbon fiber bones.

Artemis Vest :

The artemis vest has seven segments that can be freely positioned in height and width allowing operators to adjust the shoulder, chest and hip segments perfectly to their individual physique. The perfect fit of this vest therefore allows longer operating times as the operator will not get exhausted too quickly. The vest also prevents an unhealthy posture that may cause pain if maintained too long. The artemis Vest fits all operators, regardless of their individual body height and girth. The modular design means the padding is interchangeable thus allowing more than one operator to use the same artemis vest by inserting his own pad set.


TRINITY is the most advanced combination of classic mechanical and modern electronic stabilization. This 5 axis hybrid system allows revolutionary new movements and new ways to film the story in high end digital cinematography and broadcast productions. Based on the modular design of the artemis product range, existing artemis systems can be upgraded with the TRINITY components. The TRINITY can be fully customized to meet the personal needs of the owner / operator.

TRINITY Upgrade :

Beside the TRINITY Rig, which contains all needed components, existing artemis and other
systems (GPI Pro) can be upgraded with the TRINITY head and components.


MAXIMA is a 3 axis electronical camera stabilizer, a so called Gimbal, designed and manufactured by the German company FoMa Systems.

Key features :

  • Center of Gravity optimized compact design.
  • No length limitations of the camera setup.
  • Up to 30 Kg / 66lb. camera payload.
  • Extremely durable, high-tech ball bearing roll cage.
  • 32-bit ARM processor based multiprocessors, quarantines extreme direct
    and intuitive operation.
  • 1.5 inch OLED display with status information and profile selection
  • 5 setting can be stored internally
  • Optional wireless remote control
  • Various mounting and support brackets enables unlimited usage
  • V-Mount and Gold Mount batteries mounts

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