• ARRI Skypanel S360-C
    ARRI Skypanel S360-C

    Introducing the New ARRI SkyPanel S360-C The biggest and brightest LED fixture ARRI has ever produced Full color tuneability and lighting effects on a grand scale Wireless DMX by Lumen Radio built in The ARRI SkyPanel has always been known for its tremendous output and large light aperture. The new S360-C has expanded ARRI’s LED…

  • ARRI Full Spectrum ND filter.
    ARRI Full Spectrum ND filter.

    Full Spectrum Neutral Density Filters from ARRI The new ARRI Full Spectrum ND filter serves as the front line of image control. A natural succession to ARRI’s high quality products, this external FSND filter not only provides protection but has a palpable effect on image quality. Due to the increasing standards of modern deliverables, current…

  • ALEXA Mini SUP 5.0
    ALEXA Mini SUP 5.0

    ALEXA Mini SUP 5.0 !!! ARRI announces Software Update Package 5.0 for ARRI ALEXA Mini cameras. The new features comes with SUP 5.0 as follows : ARRI Look Library: An extensive collection of 87 high quality looks Look files for HDR workflows ,2 pre-installed look files for PQ and HLG monitoring. EXT Sync :Sensor and…

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