ARRI Full Spectrum ND filter.

ARRI Full Spectrum ND filter.

ARRI Full Spectrum ND filter.

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Full Spectrum Neutral Density Filters from ARRI

The new ARRI Full Spectrum ND filter serves as the front line of image control. A natural succession to ARRI’s high quality products, this external FSND filter not only provides protection but has a palpable effect on image quality.

Due to the increasing standards of modern deliverables, current industry image quality demands such as Ultra HD,
High Dynamic Range, and Wide Color Gamut, and an increase in customer and end-user demand for external filters
of the highest quality, ARRI was inspired to create their own FSND external filter. ARRI is already very familiar with premium filters; the ALEXA Mini and the AMIRA cameras come equipped with an internal FSND filter that is highly respected in the industry and purely color neutral. Now, the unsurpassed dynamic range of ARRI’s camera sensors do not have to be diminished or distorted by external filters of lesser quality.

Main Features:

*Renowned Full Spectrum ND Filters from ALEXA Mini and AMIRA now as front filters
*Highest contrast and truest color transmittance for HDR capture
*Multiple layers of coating for easy cleaning and prolonged filter life
*Long-lasting CORDURA® pouches lined with MICRODEAR® anti-static cleaning cloth
*Fast inventory tracking through unique, laser-engraved bar-codes


Optical quality, Schott B270i glass with completely flat and parallel surfaces for image sharpness
Anti-reflective coating for contrast and top HDR deliverables
Hard coating for prolonged filter life
Hydrophobic and oleophobic coating for easy and fast cleaning
C-Shaped, black edge prevents chipping and reflection
Anti-static premium pouch for safe storage
Engraved, unique barcode for fast inventory tracking and proof of ownership
Purely color neutral for true image capture

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