Dreamchip Partners with Cineom to expand in India!

Dreamchip Partners with Cineom to expand in India!

Dreamchip Partners with Cineom to expand in India!

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Mumbai, India – April 2020 – Cineom, an innovative and progressive media solutions company from India has declared that they will be partnering with Dream Chip Technologies (DCT) to market and resell their latest development in the field of production and broadcasting – the coin-sized 2K/4K high-resolution camera.

The versatility in usage that this camera provides beats all old-school and present-day solutions in the field of production. Imagine how many small productions and businesses can utilize an affordable audio/video solution with HDR quality? The family of ATOM cameras is easily compatible with existing broadcasting and media production setups. Something as small as a coin is equipped with the functionality to give you statistics of the visuals, auto-exposure, color correction, correction of vital filming factors, etc.

These cameras offer SDI outputs – this is a critical attribute for seamless broadcasting experiences for users. It is usable for precise capturing of content in any atmosphere, be it on-field/off-field sports, reality shows, cinema, music videos, and even for surveillance. Clear your doubts about how efficiently can it be mounted as DCT has performed rigorous quality checks to ensure it does better than current-day PTZ-focused cameras.

Both, Cineom and DCT, are directing their efforts towards simplifying the working pipelines of people and companies in the Media & Entertainment sector. This is evident in the fact that immense emphasis has been laid on making this innovation a complementary addition to existing production and broadcasting equipment.

This pocket-friendly invention comes as a lifeline for the creative personalities in the industry who have struggled to execute their ideas due to financial constraints that heavy-duty equipment comes with.

Who is Cineom?

20 years of constantly developing creative media solutions for budding and established leaders has given Cineom the tag of a globally reputed media solutions company. Cineom ventured into the vertical of production and broadcasting with an intention to offer customers an economic and effective solution for their workflows. Their contribution has led to the formulation and execution of over 50+ high-end technology solutions for prestigious patrons in the M&E industries of India and abroad. Cineom’s superior portfolio comprises of projects related to top-notch cinema equipment’s, multiplatform broadcasting innovations, asset management solutions and also non-media solutions for the education and corporate sector.

Who is Dream Chip Technologies?

DCT is Germany’s leading microchip manufacturer. Ample of their focus lies in designing and developing SoCs, Embedded Software, System Designs, FPGAs, and groundbreaking high-speed PCB designs. They cater to the following range of industries – Automation, News, Cinema, Reality TV, Pharmaceutical, etc. DCT has successfully invented tiny cameras that are capable of performing functions on the entire cinematic spectrum. All their hardware solutions comply with CE/FCC standards and their expertise in microchips has enabled them to comfortably and strategically tap into global markets.

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