Thales Angénieux is a world-recognized manufacturer of precision lenses, offering the best lenses for cinema and television production. Recognized in 1964/1989 and 2008 in Hollywood by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, in 2005 by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and in 2012 by the Society of Camera Operators, Angénieux zoom lenses are appreciated everywhere in the world by the most demanding image professionals, whether for shooting feature-length films, commercials, television series or documentaries. Pierre Angénieux invented the retrofocus principle and designed the first industrialisable mechanical-compensation zoom lens.
Setting the standard for optics technology and performance, the Optimo family offers a range of zoom lenses (Optimo 24 – 290, Optimo 28 – 340, Optimo 19.5 – 94, Optimo 15 – 40, Optimo 28 – 76, Optimo 45 – 120) to meet the most uncompromising requirements. Manufactured with
exquisite precision, they help you bring greater artistry and cinematic expression to your shoot in any format. Optimo lenses are now the reference lenses in every type of production from feature films, commercials, TV series, video clips to major sports or cultural events.
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Optimo Spherical

A full range of high-end spherical camera lenses to meet all production needs
Evolution in digital cameras and camera stabilizing technology has enabled creative camera movements that were not possible before. Increasing production efficiency yet retaining cinematic image quality, Angenieux compact zooms are always on the top of the list when precision, quality, and agility are demanded. Angenieux lightweight Optimo spherical zooms lens cover a wide range from 15mm to 120mm. For well over half a century, Angenieux long range zooms have been an indispensable part of the camera package. Starting off with the 10x zoom series in the early 1960s, our long range zooms have evolved over the years by increasing zoom range, improving imaging characteristics, enhancing mechanical stability, and covering larger film & digital imaging formats. Our long camera lens family has been and will remain as the industry reference where high zoom magnification range is required.

Optimo Anamorphic

Optimo Anamorphic Lenses : Elevating anamorphic production to a new level.
The creative virtues of anamorphic lenses have become even more important in the digital age, where cinematographers are seeking a distinctive look to enrich every project. The Angénieux anamorphic zoom lenses add a dimensional character to the image with the traditional 2x squeeze, with controlled background and an aesthetically dimensional foreground, yet minimizing breathing and distortion by adopting a modern optical design. Angénieux anamorphic lenses also bring what many refer to as a “creamy and organic look”. This specific cinematic look, color rendering, contrast and resolution that Angénieux zooms are known for, is ideal for the work with digital cameras.

Optimo Style Spherical

The Optimo Style line of zoom lenses inherits the virtues of the famed Optimo Cine lenses, offering extra production efficiency and system compatibility compared with the former Optimo DP lenses. The Optimo Style family is comprised of 3 compact lightweight zooms, and a 10x long range zoom inspired by the legendary Angenieux 25-250mm, sharing the same rugged and precise mechanical construction. The latest addition to the family is the Optimo Style 48-130mm zoom, a compact mid-range tele zoom that comes very handy for human close-up shots, documentaries, wildlife and features. All Optimo Style lenses are carefully manufactured to achieve a resolution of 4K and beyond, covering an image diagonal of 31.4mm (S35 4 perf.) or more, making them a sound investment for years to come.

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